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What if a personal guarantee is in place? At the time when you provide a personal guarantee, it is crucial to have the associated lease document checked by a legal expert. Some commercial leases include terms allowing for future variations, without having to consult you for approval as the guarantor.

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Regardless of whether you are a landlord, tenant, or a guarantor involved in a commercial lease transaction, the personal guaranty should be reviewed, negotiated and/or eliminated altogether. It is imperative for landlords and business owners alike to be aware of the importance and ramifications of personal guaranties in such transactions.

A personal guarantee is a commitment by the individual/guarantor to personally pay back the commercial lease obligation in the event the business fails and/or files for bankruptcy. The requirement of a personal guarantee with office, warehouse & retail space leases is pretty common these days especially after the the 2008 recession.

THE ECONOMIC AND COMMERCIAL BENEFIT OF CORPORATE GUARANTEES – AN INTERNATIONAL COMPARISON tionships with the principal (the benefits of which would be jeopardised if the principal were not granted the guaranteed credit facility). In practice, the management body of the corporate guar­ antor (ie the manager or board of directors) must determine

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Breaking a commercial lease is not the easiest thing in the world, but paradoxically, it also may not be as hard as it sounds. What this means is that it really depends upon the facts of the situation; certain facts make getting out of the lease easier. If you are in a good space in a popular area.

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